full legal name noah berkley trevette professional name noah trevette birthdate / age october 31st 1980 + 34 birthplace denver, co hometown toronto, on, ca current residence los angeles, ca & brooklyn, ny orientation kinsey 1 relationship status single occupation actor miscellaneous ISFP / type 4w5 / scorpio
When you're the only child of a CEO for a very successful Canadian media empire and a renown world-class neurosurgeon; chances are you're not going to see your parents that often. That was the case for Noah Berkley-Trevette, the only child of Tina Berkley and Kurt Trevette. Noah was born in Denver, Colorado and spent a few years living in that city before moving to Toronto, Ontario with his parents, so his father could begin a new job.

Childhood was fairly lonesome for Noah. He spent most of his time focusing on school work or extra-curricular activities. He never had much time for anything else because his parents wanted him to be who they wanted. He wasn't allowed to be an individual in their household and he was told, from day one, that he would later take over the family fortune and become a CEO on his own. And he could not understand why they would even care; it wasn't like he was raised by them. With the help of his two nannies, he practically raised himself, and in his opinion he did a damn good job of it.

By the time he was old enough to really think for himself, Noah decided he wanted to persue acting, and do his own thing. His parents, however, were not okay with the idea and they outright refused. It took him several months of begging and pleading to get them to at least let him get into community theatre. Finally, they caved out of complete annoyance and Noah was allowed to do community theatre.

When he was eleven years old, Noah's parents finally went to see him in a children's theatre production of Peter Pan. It was then that his parents decided to get him an agent because they realized he had natural talent for the art. A year later, he auditioned for the role of Shawn Hunter on a new show called Boy Meets World and won the role. Noah was thrilled but his parents knew he would have to travel to Los Angeles to film. They weren't happy about it, but once they realized how much it meant to him, his parents purchased a second family home in Beverly Hills and Noah finally got what he had been wishing for.

Noah went on to land other various roles doing both on-screen acting and voice over work. His two most well known roles, other than the role of Shawn Hunter, are Young Simba in Disney's The Lion King and Casper in the 1995 feature film Casper. Working on both of these films would soon lead to a major decision on Noah's part, too. One that would change his life in a very difficult way. At sixteen, Noah told his parents that once he was finished filming the role of Shawn on Boy Meets World, he wanted to quit acting to become a screenwriter and work behind the scenes.

Need less to say, his parents weren't handling the news well and they gave him an ultimatum: he could continue acting and being another large source of income for them or he could quit acting, become a writer, and be on his own. It took him several months to decide on what he wanted to do but three weeks after his eighteenth birthday, he told them he was leaving home. Noah made arrangements about his money and immediately left the day he broke the news to his parents. Once he had moved into his own home in Los Angeles, Noah received a letter of admission into UCLA, and he began studying screenwriting and film.

By 2002, he had wrapped on Boy Meets World and began looking for work as a screenwriter, while taking on paid internships. He also had taken the biggest risk of his life and created the production company Lost Boy Productions. Finally, after two years of struggling to keep his company afloat, he got word from Nickelodeon that they would be picking up his show Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. It was then, that he began to have hope and faith in himself for a second time, which he had once lost.

Over time, he has since written for several films including The Box Trolls, Coraline and How to Train Your Dragon. But his biggest hits seem to be shows he has produced himself like Teen Wolf and most recently Girl Meets World; the spin-off to the show that started his very own career over twenty years ago. He also began playing the role of Shawn Hunter in Girl Meets World due to high demand from fans wishing to see past characters.

Now, Noah is a very well-adjusted adult despite his painful yet lonely childhood. He still hasn't spoken to his parents and doesn't plan to but he keeps in touch with the two nannies that raised him, on a regular basis. He tends to keep to himself and he doesn't like the spotlight very much at all. Though, admittedly, he does like being able to attend events and hang out with others in the industry. However, his favorite part of his job happens to be the fact that he is making art that brings joy into the lives of kids and teens, because it's the one thing he wished he could have had more of as a kid.
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Girl Meets World (2014 - ???) ... Michael Jacobs' credits Teen Wolf (2011 - ???) ... Jeff Davis' credits Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (2004 - 2007) ... Scott Fellows' credits

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